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You can find this page at our new home.  Here is the link

This page had links to the manufactures, stores, and services that have provided samples, coupons, handouts and support.  We are so grateful for their support.  THESE LINKS WERE NOT PAID ADVERTISEMENT, IT WAS A WAY TO SAY THANK YOU FOR THEIR GIFTS OF SAMPLES, BOOKS, COUPONS, AND PUBLICATIONS TO HELP OUR GROUP.


This website is not responsible for inaccurate information that may be presented on any of the websites that we have links for. We have tried to include only those websites that are working hard to get the most current and best researched information out to Celiacs around the world. Because of these great websites, we do not carry any significant medical information on this website. The "schedule of upcoming events" are provided to us by the contact sources mentioned for each one. If you have questions about any of these, we recommend that you contact them directly. 
This website is a free website and may include advertising from Tripod.  We don't have control in this advertising. 

Gluten Free Kids